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About Destination STEM

Destination STEM supports young people to:  

  • develop your knowledge of STEM careers,  

  • take part in opportunities to build your skills, 

  • develop your experience of the STEM sector. 

It is designed to help you find your way in the diverse and exciting fields of STEM and to see the possibilities and opportunities that they can offer you. 

On this site, you can find: 

  • Career articles written by people working within the STEM sector. You can read about their stories, challenges, achievements, and advice.  

  • Career videos offering insight on a wide variety of careers. You can watch and listen to STEM professionals talk about their work, their motivations, and their tips.  

  • Careers resources to help you plan your next steps. You can find information on how to apply for courses, jobs, and apprenticeships in STEM. 

  • Links to skills activities which can help you develop your key employability and technical skills.  

  • Opportunities for you to take part in placements and mentoring.  

  • Information on skills and challenges that you can take part in. 

Destination STEM is not only for students, but also for teachers and employers who want to support young people in STEM. Here is how different audiences can use Destination STEM: 


You can use Destination STEM to find your passion, direction, and confidence in STEM. You can browse the different sections, read the articles, watch the videos, access the resources, and sign up for the opportunities that interest you. 

The site is divided into four sections:  

  • Careers – with information on potential careers including articles, careers fairs and videos.  

  • Skills – with information on key skills and guidance on how to apply for apprenticeship and university. 

  • Opportunities – where you can sign up for activities like mentoring and placements. 

  • News – full of articles written by people working in the STEM sector. 


Destination STEM can be used to enrich the curriculum, boosting extracurricular activities. You can use Destination STEM to excite and engage your students with real stories of up-to-date research and STEM career journeys. You can also use Destination STEM to encourage teaching, learning, and debate among your students, teachers, and technicians. For more information, visit:   


Destination STEM can be used to amplify your organisation with young people and empower them to access a wide range of support. You can use Destination STEM to support your strategic aims and to allow your STEM professionals to share their passion for their career through their stories and experience. You can also use Destination STEM to attract and recruit talented and diverse young people for your STEM workforce. For more information, visit:  

Destination STEM is your hub for STEM careers and skills. We hope you enjoy your journey and we look forward to seeing you on the site!