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Why study chemistry?

Students in chemistry lab, titration experiment

Chemistry is more than just mixing chemicals in a lab. It is the science of wonder and the art of creation. It is an amazing and diverse field that links other areas of science, such as biology and physics, and applies them to the study of natural and synthetic materials. You’ll develop the skills to discover, understand and invent new chemicals and new phenomena. A career in chemistry enables you to make a positive impact in the world and improve our quality of life. Here are some reasons why you should follow a career in chemistry:

You can improve our way of life.

Chemistry can make our lives easier and better. By creating new chemicals, new materials and new reactions, chemistry can lead to breakthroughs and innovations that can constantly enhance our way of life and answer many fundamental questions. For example, chemistry can help us develop new medicines and vaccines to fight diseases, new materials and fabrics to make our clothes more comfortable and durable, new cosmetics and personal care products to make us look and feel good, and new food and beverages to satisfy our taste buds and nutritional needs.

You can develop valuable skills and abilities.

Chemistry is not only good for your brain, but also for your career. By studying chemistry, you will learn how to think critically, analyse data, solve problems, communicate effectively, work in teams, present your ideas, and write clearly. These skills are useful for any job and any situation in life. You will also gain a deep understanding of the world around you and how it works at the molecular level. You will be able to appreciate the beauty and complexity of nature and the human body, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

You can change the world.

 Chemistry can help us save the environment and fight climate change. By understanding the complex chemical reactions that shape our world, we can find ways to protect the environment from harmful human activities. Chemistry can help with advancements in areas such as energy storage and electric vehicles to help conserve and restore the natural world. Chemistry can also help us create new sources of renewable and clean energy, such as solar cells, hydrogen fuel cells, and biofuels. Chemistry can also help us reduce our waste and pollution, by developing biodegradable and recyclable materials, and by finding ways to capture and reuse carbon dioxide.

You can head into a wide range of careers you might not expect

Studying chemistry can open the doors to careers that might not at first be obviously linked, but the skills and understanding developed studying chemistry are valued in many places, including law, the armed services, medicine, engineering and teaching. Chemistry builds a deep understanding of the world through an analytical lens, which can set you up for an incredibly broad spectrum of different jobs in the future.

As you can see, chemistry is a fascinating and rewarding career choice that can offer you many opportunities and benefits. It is a career that can suit anyone who is curious, creative, and passionate about making a difference. If you are one of them, then you should definitely consider a career in chemistry. You will not regret it!