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Why study maths?

student solving maths problem on whiteboard

Maths is the language of logic and the tool of creativity. It is an essential and exciting field that connects other areas of science, technology, engineering, and arts. Studying maths helps you to develop the skills to analyse problems rigorously and solve them creatively. A career in maths enables you to explore the unknown and discover the beauty and power of patterns, models, structures, and systems. Here is why you should follow a career in maths:

You can improve your earning potential.

Maths can boost your income and your employability. Maths graduates are in high demand in the UK and worldwide, as they have the skills and knowledge that employers value in many sectors, such as finance, engineering, education, research, and more.

You can apply maths to many fields and domains.

Maths can help you solve real-world problems and make a positive impact in fields and domains such as medicine, games design, internet security, financial cryptography, computing, communications, artificial intelligence, and more. A maths-related career could see you design new drugs and vaccines, create realistic and immersive video games, protect online data and transactions, encrypt and decrypt messages, develop new algorithms and software, enhance wireless and optical networks, and create intelligent and autonomous systems.

You can pursue your passion and curiosity.

Maths can challenge you intellectually and stimulate you creatively, as you encounter new concepts, methods, and results. Maths can also inspire you aesthetically and emotionally, as you appreciate the elegance, symmetry, and harmony of mathematical structures and patterns. Studying mathematics enables you to connect and contribute to the oldest subject there is, and allows you to better understand the world around you.

Maths is a career for anyone who is curious, creative, and passionate about making a difference. If that is you, then you should definitely consider a maths-related career.